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Professional speaker Stan B. Walters, CSP “The Lie Guy®” delivers content rich, high-energy, and entertaining speeches and educational experiences to audiences worldwide. With more than 35+ years experience, Stan is unmatched as an expert in the field of integrity interviewing.

Finding and hiring the right speaker, with the right content and for the right audience is an extremely important responsibility. Stan doesn’t present training programs – he helps your clients give their people the gift of an “education.”

Whether it is for 50 minutes or 5 days, Stan is going to make sure the keynote, breakout or seminar session he presents will help make your event a success.

Planning your event, Stan can help by:

  1. Understanding the specific make-up of the audience, their experience, their job descriptions and needs, and the expectations of their respective organization and its managers and leaders.
  2. Tailoring his presentation not only to the specific audience but ensure that the content he presents is on target with your event objectives
  3. Providing you with any promotional materials, photos, introduction, A/V requirements, etc. With his extensive media experience, Stan is also available to participate in any form of media coverage prior to or during the event.

Why your client audience needs Stan’s expertise:

  1. Your client audience may possess little or virtually no education on how to conduct professional integrity interviews.
  2. Your client audience has had previous “training” but it has failed to produce the desired results because of poor education techniques or the material was obsolete and riddled with myths and “war stories.”
  3. Due to one or more bad or poorly conducted integrity interviews, your client audience has experienced negative publicity, ethical challenges and maybe even in some cases legal repercussions.

Lasting outcomes Stan will provide:

  1. He doesn’t train people “how” to use various interviewing techniques. Stan “educates” them on the principles of “why” they should use specific techniques and “why” those techniques are more successful at uncovering the truth.
  2. He teaches people how they can be more successful as professional integrity interviewers and what it takes to reach that goal.
  3. Stan doesn’t just incite people, he “inspires” a lifelong pursuit of excellence, professional growth and a dedication to learning more about how they can keep improving their integrity interviewing skills and uncover the real story.

Professionals who should be in Stan’s audience:

Asset Recovery
Athletic Compliance
Atomic Energy Security
Auto Theft
Boards of Health
Cargo Theft
Casino Security / Loss
Charity Administrators
Charitable Gaming
Child Protection / Welfare
Citizenship Eligibility
Compliance Officers
Corporate Security / Loss
Credit Card Issuers / Loss
Credit Unions
Inspectors General
Internal Affairs
Disability Claims
Domestic Violence
Drug Interdiction
Educational Institution
Safety / Integrity
Elder Abuse, Neglect,
Energy Security
Environmental Protection
Equal Employment Opportunity
Ethics Review
Financial Crimes
Fire & Arson
Gang / Cult Groups
Homeland Security
Housing Authority
Human Resources
Illegal Gambling
Industrial Security / Loss

Insurance Claims / Fraud
Medical Licensure / Claims
Military Intelligence
Military Investigation
Port Authority
Probation / Parole
Professional Integrity
Professional Licensure
Professional Sports
Regulatory Agencies
Retail Loss Prevention
School Resource Officers
Sex Crimes
Social Services
Transportation Security
Unemployment Claims
Victim’s Assistance
Workman’s Compensation

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