Keynote:  Nothing But The Truth -
                Learning To Read The Signs 

The Bottom Line: What Is The Cost Of Not Knowing The Truth?

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Business Fraud Report estimates annual losses in the United States at 1 TRILLION dollars!

If you knew how to spot deception you could reduce those costs by hiring the right personnel, agreeing to the right contract, working with the right partners, and depending upon the right people. Everyone in the world reveals the truth through easily recognizable verbal and visual “leaks.” (And they’re NOT the ones you would expect!) Imagine what it would be like to be able to detect when someone is not being honest with you during a job interview, on a sales call, in the course of an investigation or audit, or in any number of critical situations.  How about when you're buying a house or trying to find a trustworthy babysitter?  In this fascinating, informative and interactive multimedia presentation, Stan Walters teaches you how to spot deception, a practical skill you can use immediately.  Learn from the man who  trains the FBI, the Defense Department and the National Security Agency, as well as companies, colleges and organizations around the world.

Using video clips from top news stories as well as his own
investigative archives, Stan reveals the verbal and physical cues that signal deception– telltale giveaways that nobody can hide. Being able to spot deception enables you to make better hiring decisions, avoid and resolve conflicts, and foster more honest communication.

Provide your executives, managers and employees with a skill that will benefit them, and your organization, in countless ways.
Conflict Resolution Employee Misconduct Sexual Harassment Claims Ethics
Employment & Exit Interviews Substance
Arbitration Liability & Loss Prevention
Unemployment & Disability Claims Hostile Work Environment Workplace Violence Compliance


Keynote Highlights

Highlights of Stan's keynote, Nothing But The Truth: Learning To Read The Signs shows how he uses familiar video footage to demonstrate his points.
(Running time 19:00)


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A Must-Have Presentation For Everyone In Your Organization, Including;

Human Resources  t  Security  t  Sales  t  Marketing  t  Auditing


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