Workshop & Seminar:

Effective Integrity Interviewing
Application of Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation® methods

Why Do So Many Integrity Interviews Fail?

  • No formal interview skills education

  • Poor Interviewing skills education

  • Training based on unscientific concepts & myths.

Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation® Course is based on in-depth scientific research on human behavior and the psychology of effective interviewing. It is designed to help interviewers –

  1. Effectively manage all interviews

  2. Maximize their ability to gain valuable information from victims, witnesses and subjects as quickly, and efficiently as possible and

  3. Learn how to maintain cooperation and compliance in a non-coercive

Courses are available in varying lengths – from breakouts to five-day programs.
Courses are also modified to meet the specific needs of the audience.

Phase One – Kinesic Analysis

Phase One is an education segment that teaches the student how to use behavioral analysis tools to identify significant signs of stress and deception.

Participants will learn:
Practical Kinesic Principles & The "8" C's
The guidelines necessary to maximize the interview results of all victims, witnesses and subjects.
Verbal Cues
Make faster and more accurate assessments of the significance of changes in a person's voice quality and the meaning of speech content. Which cues are merely signs of stress and which cues are associated with a higher risk of evasion or deception.
Practical Kinesic Information Recovery & Credibility Assessment®
Simple 3 step system that is designed to recover in-depth, detailed statements in all interviews.
Body Language Cues
Discover how to isolate and accurately define the elusive silent cues of body language that indicate deception or merely just general stress on the part of the subject.
Admission Behaviors
Identification and recognition of the verbal and nonverbal acceptance cues generated by a subject who is now compliant and cooperative.

Phase Two –The Tactical Interview

The Phase Two session of the course will help dramatically increase the interviewer’s admission and confession rate. In addition the interviewer will get voluntary, truthful admissions and confessions that will be admissible in any subsequent administrative or legal hearings.

Participants will learn:

Stress Response Behaviors
Recognizing and controlling the stress behaviors of victims, witnesses as well as subjects that can either inhibit or improve the quality and content of the interview, compliance and cooperation and any subsequent testimony.
Practical Analysis Exercise
Participants will have the opportunity to apply their new skills by conducting their own analysis of critical interviews and get immediate feedback on their analysis.
The Dominant Personality Types
Identifying the four dominant personality types and developing and implementing interview and interrogation tactics that are the most effective in getting to the truth.
  Tactical Interview & Influence
Techniques for conducting the most effective interview and interrogation that will obtain legal statements, admissions and confessions, closing more cases and avoiding cold ones.


 Workshop/Training Reel

Highlights from one of Stan's
Level 1
training sessions,
especially some of the basic
concepts in spotting deception.
(Running time 23 minutes)


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