Stan B. Walters works with agencies and organizations that need to educate their people on how to conduct professional integrity interviews and uncover the real story.

The Bottom Line: What Is The Cost Of Not Knowing The Truth?
What if you knew how to spot deception?

You could reduce those costs by hiring the right personnel, agreeing to the right contract, working with the right partners, and depending upon the right people.


Known as “The Lie Guy®” Stan Walters has appeared on news programs for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and FOX; hundreds of radio interviews; and has been profiled twice on the National Geographic Channel. Author, researcher and a certified speaking professional, Stan educates professionals worldwide on how to conduct successful integrity interviews.


      ABC News
      NBC Dateline
      CBS 48 Hours
      FOX News Channel
      FOX & Friends
      Nat'l Geographic
      Today Show - Australia
      National Public Radio
      Talk America
      ABC Radio Network
      Court TV Radio
      WOR Radio Network
      Lionel Show
      Doug Stephan
      Rick Dees
      Sam Donaldson
      Los Angeles Times
      Fitness Magazine
      Glamour Magazine
      Chicago Tribune
      SF Chronicle
      Mother Jones
      Rolling Stone

This Is Stan B Walters

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